If Jesus had glasses?

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Walking through a fourth grade hallway today I heard girls discussing their appearances. “I’m too tall” one girl said. “Yes, but I’m too short” another girl stated. The girl on the end said, “you know what kind of names people call me!” The other two girl jumped in to help their friend. “Don’t listen to those dummies, they don’t know what their talking about.”

I smiled. It did my heart good to hear these three friends sharing their problems, and also hearing them encourage and refresh one another.

But, if Jesus had glasses, what would he see?

He would see three young ladies that were beautiful in their own way. He would remind them that they were made in the image of God himself.

As a 54- year old, I can really get down on myself. Now don’t get me wrong, there are days I look in the mirror, and I think, this isn’t soooo bad. Then there are days, I think there is just not enough make up out there to deal with those bags under my eyes. But, then I am usually stopped in my tracks by the one who made me.

I have those wrinkles because I put in my time. I’m a little chunky because I enjoy a good meal with my family, and the bags under my eyes are a reminder of the weird hours I sleep sometimes.

But God!

God has seen fit to bless me with the most wonderful husband, two incredible children that are so smart and kind, and two grandkids that make me smile ear to ear. On top of that he answered my prayer and provided the best Christian spouses for my children. He doesn’t look just at our outside, he sees our inside with Jesus Glasses.

What would Jesus see if his glasses were turned to our inner self? Would he see hate, anger, or depression? Would he see kindness, compassion, or thankfulness?

Jesus knows we are not perfect. We are human. We can be hateful, angry or sad, but those are the times we should turn to him and ask him for forgiveness, and ask him to help us change our hearts. Jesus knows everything about us. He knows the good, and the bad. But does Jesus look at us and see a sinner lost and condemned to hell or does he see a sinner who is saved by God’s grace?

We are given a choice. We are free to choose God or choose self. We are given a choice to see ourselves through our own eyes, or through Jesus’ eyes. We are given the choice to see others through Jesus glasses, and to share his word.

Use your Jesus glasses to see yourself through his eyes and to see other’s through his eyes!

Blessings Sweet Friends!


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