Science vs The One True God!

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Science says we need a four things to survive: food, water, air and light. However, I believe if humans feel unloved, they lose their will to fourish and live an abundant life. In order to feel loved, we need to feel we can have intimate conversations with someone. That person needs to be a good listener and a good sharer as well. It’s reciprocal.

I asked a married couple in my neighborhood this week, how people show love to them. They said when people spend time with them and have conversations with them, and when people do things for one another.

There are times though, that our “person” who we like to go to for our intimate conversations may not be available. Who can we always turn to?

The answer is to call upon the Lord, for he is always there. He wants us to come to him in prayer. There are many types of prayers:

  1. Communion- All day all the time.
  2. Supplication – Lifting up your needs in prayer.
  3. Intercession- Praying on behalf of others.
  4. Spiritual warfare- Dealing with your own mind being a battlefield, and also dealing with Satan, and we need to put on the full armor.
  5. Prayers of Agreement- Corporate prayer
  6. Thanksgiving- Counting your blessings

Remember the acronym PUSHPray Until Something Happens. I read this the other day and loved the acronym because the author stated that when he is praying, and he doesn’t feel his prayers are being heard or doesn’t know when to stop, he remembers that acronym. He prays until he feels peace within himself.

How do we know God will listen to our prayers?

  1. Have a clean heart- Confess any unconfessed sins that you know of and can remember. Psalm 66:18
  2. Have a forgiving spirit of other people- Mark 11;25
  3. Pray in Faith- Believe that you will receive it.-Matthew 21:22

Science says we need food, water, air, and light. But in the Bible, Jesus says:

I am the Bread of Life. (John 6:35), I am the source of Living Water. (John 4:14), I am the Breath of Life. (Genesis 2:7), and I am the Light of the World. (John 8:12).

Both science and the Bible both state we need the same 4 things to survive. But, if we know we can turn to the One who not just provides those things, but IS those four things, then we can rest in his promises. I choose to rest in Him, the one who IS the Bread, who IS the Water, who IS the Breath, and who IS the Light when I need to pray.

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