Selfish or Unselfish?

This week on the east coast, The Colonial Pipeline, which delivers about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast, was hit by a cyberattack. Hours after the news and social media outlets mentioned there was would be repercussions, the long car lines of panic-buying drivers drained the supplies of many gas stations.

I live in the area that was impacted. I had decided since I was down to a small amount of gas, to get a little bit while I could. I went to three different gas stations, all of which were completely sold out. I thought, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I just found out about this a few hours ago, and the gas stations are already sold out?

One last attempt before getting home at a tiny little station near my home, and I saw they had gas. I got behind a man who had a van with his tailgate lifted. Inside his trunk were 11 gasoline cans. ELEVEN! I confess to you, my first instinct was not to be kind-hearted. I kept thinking, this guy better own a landscaping business, because this is hoarding at it’s worst. A line of cars behind me had formed, even if I had wanted to leave, I was stuck. People were watching him one at a time, fill the eleven gas cans, and it was a lengthy process. The dirty looks and honks had begun and I could feel the tension rising from the drivers behind me.

It brought me right back to the COVID hoarding of toilet paper, meat, and other items at the grocery store that happened not long ago. I remember going into a local grocery store and coming out with only a few items when my list had been longer, because the shelves were empty. I came home and told my hubby, the shelves are literally almost empty, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Is it our inner cave man/woman that makes us want to hoard and grab up everything in sight when we can’t control what is going on around us? I read an article by Ryan Prior, CNN, that stated it is the conscientious and organized people who tend to be the first to head down this path. Additionally, the article stated, if someone “official” promises that everyone will be taken care of, then people will act less selfishly. Communication is imperative, if an “official” does not communicate that everyone will be fine, then the hoarding will increase. God tells us in Romans 12:2 (ESV) Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

As Christians, how should we behave when faced with this? I believe, we should stay educated, but not live in fear. So who is the “official” I need to hear from? God! When I read through the Bible, I am told many times “Do Not Fear.” I am also told in Phillipians 4:19 (ESV), ” And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” That means, God can supply you with gas, food, toilet paper, or any other item you need.

As we are seeing today in the news, the pipeline is being restored and gasoline will be back to gas stations soon. In fact, I passed a few gas stations today that had cars lined up received the precious liquid.

What can we learn from this? It was a really quick lesson in selfishness? Look inward. Did you see a spirit of selfishness? Did you see anger or fury at others because of something as simple as a pipeline hack? It was a well check of our hearts.

Let’s be ready for the next thing that causes this same feeling inside us. It might be a pipleine break, a construction backup, a delay in our airline plans, etc. Prepare ahead of time how to react and respond. Can we be more like God?

Blessings Sweet Friends,


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