Stand Tall As The Trees!

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Have you ever noticed that most trees naturally grow straight and tall, even if they are planted on a slope? Trees can be planted closely together by a farmer, and know that they will grow tall and straight unless something changes its course. Trees also grow stronger if surrounded by other trees, because they are more sheltered from harsh weather and elements when planted closely.

Why do trees naturally grow that way? Well, trees and plants detect gravity within little structures within their cells, called statoliths. These statoliths tell the plant which way is up and they also store food for the plant. Oddly enough, wind can also be good for trees, because it allows it to grow and mature and not fall down as it grows in height.

I believe we are a great deal like trees. As we grow up, we are around other people. These people around us can strengthen us if the conditions are favorable. Additionally, like a tree with a great wind, when we face struggles in our lives, we can grow and become stronger in our faith.

It seems like a dichotomy to say that humans and nature are so similar. Yet, we need many of the same things to grow and thrive.

In order for a plant to live it needs four things: food, water, air and sunshine. The Bible teaches, Jesus is the bread of life, which means he can satisfy our deepest needs and longings. Jesus is the source of living water (The Bible), Jesus is the breath of life (he gives us life) and Jesus is the light of the world (through his death and resurrection we are saved).

When you look at nature, notice how the trees and flowers grow and face the sunlight, and gravity keeps them tall. They are healthiest when they are given all four items they need. But, if they lack just one of the four, they can grow sick and eventually die. We need Jesus to be our source of living water, so we can grow and learn more about him. We need Jesus to give us breath, and not take it for granted when we wake up each morning. Jesus is the light of the world, but he tells us to go into the world and share about him to others. And finally, we need to be light to others in the world. We need to share the gospel of Jesus with people in our neighborhoods, our families, and our co-workers, even when it’s hard.

How can we be the those things to others around us this week? Let’s show God’s love to others and stand tall in our faith. When the winds come, welcome them, knowing you will gain strength by going through the storms of life.

Blessings Sweet Friends,


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