Stick your neck out!

Recently my hubby and I went to the beach on my birthday weekend. I have always loved sea turtles, so we decided to go to the Surf City Turtle Rehabilitation Facility in North Carolina. The turtles at the facility were found in different geographic areas, and were brought to this facility because of wounds or illness. The goal of the rehabilitation facility is to get each sea turtle well enough to allow it to go back into the ocean again. I was so excited because I get giddy when I observe sealife. I am amazed by the creativity and beauty of God’s imagination.

While walking through the tour, we were guided by someone giving us facts about different types of sea turtles, what they ate, about their incredible shells being their vertebrae, and also how to care for sea turtles. I felt my anticipation rising as we were getting closer to the room where we were to see the real turtles in the pools. Our guide walked us up some stairs, and we were able to view some sea turtles through a window. It was breathtaking watching these beautiful creatures swim in the pools. As we walked through a set of double doors, our guide began to share the story of each turtle. Some of the turtles were Leatherback turtles, others were Loggerhead or Green Turtles. There were also some Kemp’s Ridley Turtles to view as well. Some of the turtles were little at less than ten pounds, while others were over 400 pounds and needed large pools to accommodate their massive bodies.

One fact that I didn’t know, is that sea turtles cannot bring their long necks into their shells. I should have known that because I had an encounter with a big sea turtle when snorkeling in Hawaii and the turtle was very close to me, and never pulled his long neck into his shell away from me while under the water. Sea turtles have to live their lives with a shell that only protects them partially.

As I looked at these majestic creatures, I felt sad for them as I realized they were not able to protect themselves as easily as land turtles who could pull their head and legs into its shell for protection against predators. It made me think about times when I wanted to pull myself into a shell and hide away when I felt angry, upset, or I wanted to hide away from my problems. Why couldn’t I be a turtle that could pull myself into my shell and just hide away from this crazy world?

Then, it dawned on me. God doesn’t want us to hide away. He wants us to Stick Our Necks Out! He wants us to take chances and share our faith even when it’s hard! So, my goal is to be more like a sea turtle. Live without a shell where I can hide and be protected. God is my protector, my strength and my provider. Want to be a Sea Turtle with me??

Blessings Sweet Friends!


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