The Magnolia Tree

My whole family is from the Magnolia State, Mississippi. I, was conceived there but was born in Michigan. So, I often say I grew up in the North with a southern mind.

My mother has always loved Magnolia trees and had a beautiful statue of a magnolia flower on our living room coffee table. Some of our artwork in our home had a southern feel with plantation homes, beautiful greenery, and of course, the Magnolia tree.

To be honest, I didn’t fully appreciate these grande blossoms until I moved to North Carolina and saw them firsthand as they would begin their process of blooming in the spring.

Now, I can say I am as entranced by them as any pure-bred southerner. I have countless pictures of these striking flowers on my phone from the many walks I take with my pup.

The two pictures show the intricate detail of the bud right before it unfolds. The bottom part, the stamen looks like a woven basket, then the beautiful carpels gently stand up. Then, when it finally does open completely, the blossom is creamy white and fragrant. It is also easily bruised, if mishandled.

If God almighty can create such a flower, consider the creativity and majesty it took to create the human body with all of it’s intricacies. It is estimated that there are approximately 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body, and there are approximately 10,000 taste buds on the human tongue. Facts about the human body are fascinating! Just like the gorgeous Magnolia, if the human body is not treated well, it can become bruised, weak or fade away. God uses things like every day flowers to show us the precision and marvel of his handiwork, but also the fragility of life. We must not take it lightly, we need to respect and appreciate what we are given. Every new day we awake, is a gift from God.

What intricate thing can you find that could only be created by God? Please post your pictures! Let’s appreciate what God has made!

Don’t forget to hashtag #GoodOneGod.

Blessings Sweet Friends!


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