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According to National today, April 5th is Easter Monday and National Read a Roadmap Day! What could those two days possibly have in common?

Have you ever been asked what your goals are? Some people say, to further their education, some say to travel to new destinations, and some want to make a great sum of money. As I reflected on my own answers, I have answered with all three of these answers many times. And yet… I ask, will education, travel or money bring you lasting happiness or go with you in your final days?

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday. In many countries it is a public holiday. It is also marking the last day of lent. To me, it’s a perfect day for reflection. To remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Who’s sins exactly? Each of us that has given our lives to God, understood ourselves as a sinner and confessed our sins can have eternal life in Heaven with God.

I never realized that there was a National Roadmap Day until I looked at a calendar of special holidays. The earliest map was created by Britania Atlas in 1675. Today, as technology has changed our lives we have the ability to use a GPS in our car and on our phones to make sure we stay on course, on the correct path, and don’t get lost.

But, what about a roadmap for our lives? We have one right at our fingertips. In fact, it’s the bestselling book of all time. You guessed it, The Bible. As Christians, God has graciously gifted us with a guide book, a first aid book, and yes, a roadmap for our life.

So today, April 5th as you reflect on the events of the Easter weekend, don’t just look at the past and what Jesus has done for us, but also look at your own life, how you will respond to the best gift ever given? Open your roadmap and read, God will set forth a plan for you and he will direct you in his ways.

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