“Be The One She Wished For!”

I heard this quote today. “Be The One She Wished For!” I wondered how many men were listening to the words of the man on the radio as he spoke this simple phrase. What do those words even mean?

Every girl grows up with a bit of the Cinderella Story lurking in her mind. We are blissfully unaware that all men are not taught to be like Prince Charming as their first priority. But, we long for a deep, passionate love like Cinderella.

I’m not a girl who needs a ball gown or glass slippers. I don’t need to sip champagne or have a huge palace to live in, but what I do desire is to be loved.

Isn’t that what we all desire? God in his infinite wisdom understood that humans need love, care, friendship and countless other things, so he created husbands.

I remember meeting my hubby in college. I met him at a college football game, and later saw him at an afterparty.(Don’t judge me). At that moment, I felt a connection, but who would have thought this curly headed college boy would melt my heart? God Knew!

Over 30 years later, two awesome kids, a great son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and now the two sweetest grandchildren ever, he is still my boyfriend.

What causes me to still see this man with love in my eyes? He’s a christian man of deep character, he lives his christian life loudly, and would protect me if a crazed bear came close. And, he models what being a good christian is by reading his Bible daily. There were many days when I was not as faithful in my Bible reading, but seeing him read his Bible daily was something that drew me closer to God.

So, gentlemen, please do not feel like you have to be Prince Charming. We love you and respect you for who God made you to be. The reality is, you’re the one she wished for!

Blessings Sweet Friends,


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