Recently, I was a special guest on the Magical Books for Kids Podcast with Michael John Sullivan. I was delighted to discuss the story behind Good One, God and how it came to be. Please click the link below to listen to the podcast. You can find the podcast on apple, youtube, and spotify. Enjoy!

In June of 2021, I did a podcast with the President and Owner of Redemption Press Publishing, Athena Dean Holtz. She asked me share my Romans 8:28 story, which I had told her about during a writing conference. The podcast has four amazing women, and if you go to 46:45 you will hear the beginning of my portion of the podcast with Athena. Bonus, Athena is also a writer and has the most amazing book out called, Full Circle. You can find it on Amazon and in other bookstores.

12/29/2021 Helping Children See God in Everything released today on the All Things Podcast with Athena Dean Holtz. It was my privilege to be on the All Things Podcast with Athena a second time to discuss my children’s book, Good One, God. I discussed how the idea for the story came about, and how the phrase Good One, God has impacted my family and many others. Please listen and enjoy the podcast!

July 2022– The Exceptional Leadership Podcast with Anita Brooks Agers- I absolutely loved talking to this amazing woman about my upcoming children’s book There’s A Story in Every Seat. That title is important to me because whether you’re a teacher, owner of a company or a pastor, you should know the people that are in your world. If you take the time to truly get to know the story in each person, they will respect you more and be more productive.

So excited to be a guest with Neil Matthews on his podcast called, Other People’s Shoes! Please listen to our conversation as we discuss my new Children’s book! @opspodcastshow