Beyond the Quicksand…

When I was a kid, I remember having many conversations mostly in science class about quicksand. Oddly enough, other people in my age group also say their schools discussed quicksand too. I remember watching endless movies about quicksand and how it would devour you up in mere seconds. If you didn’t understand how to move the correct way, you would be forever gone, entombed for life for another generation to find. Sounds horrific right? Those many lectures from teachers were terrifying and I remember as a kid worrying about coming across the lakes of goo and going missing. The other hot topic of our generations was the Russians, but that’s for another day. Believe it or not, I have never once come across a lake of quicksand in my life. Now, I know it exists, because I’ve seen every movie ever made about it. But my endless anxieties, nightmaries and fears of being covered forever may have been for nothing. I say may, because I guess it could still happen. Right?

What else do I worry about that is out of my control? The list is endless, but I’ll give you a few: I worry about my grown kids driving in traffic, I worry about my health cause I’m no spring chicken, I worry about balance in my life between family, church, and work. But, most of all, I worry that I am not always pleasing to my father God.

The great news is, he has given us his book, The Bible with 66 books of incredible true stories of people just like me that get anxious, sin, and worry about little things. And, if you own this incredible book, you really don’t need any others. Every time you crack it open, there is a newness to it, and God will provide new lessons and speak to you about exactly the things you need to hear. And over 365 times in the Bible, were are reminded, Do Not Fear. That’s one for each day of the year!

Will I find anything about quicksand in the Bible, I doubt it. But, I will find endless amounts of scriptures that remind me not to be anxious, for He is with me always.

Blessings Sweet Friends,


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